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To start off, I gained a lot of respect for the show, "Roseanne" as well as its creator, Roseanne Arnold. Whenever the show came on when I was younger, I usually changed the channel because I wasn't interested in the characters, their stories, or the humor; it seemed stupid to me. However, after reading this article, I feel bad because I feel like the exact middle-class "uppity" person that looks down upon these shows because of the class represented. Whether or not I was aware of that at the time I changed the channel or not, I realize it now and I'm the one left feeling stupid. I now see the strong, well-realized and fully-actualized political goals of "Roseanne." Its main goal was to give pink-collar mothers something to relate to. It is also attempting to make their struggles known and perceived as a normality and not something to look down on, but something to notice and accept as okay. Although I don't relate a lot to this show, this article has definitely made me appreciate it and want to watch it more to see the elements Bettie discusses.

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