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What did I just read?
This article was so confusing! What I got from it, though, was basically about the hierarchical structure of society especially with politics and wealth. When concerning different racial groups, the author makes it very clear that she believes the way in which society treats those who are not white is very wrong. That minorities are not given chances. And I think that what she is getting at with this is that the media reinforces these ideals within our culture. When talking about the political side of the media and these influences, I think the main point was about how, since this is continually reinforced through politics and the media and the combination of the two, everyone in society just assumes it as fact. Nobody protests it. In a very Marxist way, she is almost promoting "fighting against the man". Because, as the media teaches our society certain social norms, it is what our kids grow up learning. How in the world do we expect equality or for this discrimination to ever end if this is how we're raising our future leaders? Along with that, our media is distributed all over the world. So not only are Americans being influenced by this, but other countries are as well. And we're essentially making ourselves look bad if other countries do not agree with that. Sorry for the rant. On a deeper level, I think that one can take the authors point about this inequality in the media and apply it to many other things such as disabled people, homosexuality, gender, etc. This level of discrimination is only going to remain if we reinforce it to all citizens through our media.
The author also touches on the idea of welfare and gender inequalities in the media. To start, her argument on gender inequalities follows as all the other ones we have already read: women and their bodies are being exploited as use to sell products. SEX SELLS...etc. But I thought it was really interesting when she talked about welfare and the use of government assistance. The thing that intrigued me the most was her argument on "welfare queens". I do think that the welfare system in the United States has gotten out of hand. People are taking advantage of it and personally, I do think those people need to be called out on it and get in trouble. It's wrong for them to make enough money to support themselves but still use government money because they want to spend their own money on crap that they don't necessarily need and be handed free things. Another rant, sorry.

I guess my main question for discussion would be about these "Welfare queens". Do you guys think they're doing something wrong? Do they need to be punished? Can you think of any way to weed these types of people out of the system?

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