Blog Post: The Whites of Their Eyes.

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In his article, Stuart Hall explains racism in the media by using the idea of ideologies. In fact, he sort of defines this racism as a group of ideologies about a group of people shown in the media. He first breaks the racism itself into two categories: overt and inferential. Overt, being wide open for everyone to see, and inferential being the unspoken and naturalized representation of race. Basically, overt is very obvious racism while inferential is not. Hall also talks about the idealized representation of colored people in the media. He also explains the different idealized roles that people of color hold in this type of media. The first being the familiar "slave figure." The second, "the native." And the third, being the "clown" . I guess in reading the article, I felt as though some of these ideologies were true, but some media really try to steer away from them.

In all of this, my question is, do you think this overt and inferential racism really does still exist? If so, why do we continue to form to these stereotypes and give good ratings to the shows with them?

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