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This article was super hard for me to follow, It wasn't that I was disinterested but rather how it read was tough. When I first saw that the author was going to be breaking down Forrest Gump, a movie I enjoy very much, I got excited because I could relate and recognize key points to the movie. When she started to break it down, I then began to realize I was wrong. Her view points of the movie to me were outlandish and I felt she over analyzed a lot of things about this movie. I believe some things she claimed about the movie, like the government aspects are true but the other claims sort of lost me when I began going through them. I did find her points of what the face of america is interesting. I believe the face of America has changed and always will be changing, not that she asked if it has, but how she portrays it I believe it will inevitably change. Overall I found this article interesting, just hard to fully follow and fully allow my self to fall into it.

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