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While I have never watched any of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer I have definitely heard of it over the years. The other talks about Buffy being a feminist but also how the character of Buffy says she hates the word and it makes her think of a women that doesn't shave her legs. On pg 311 the author says that Buffy's feminine characteristics and traditional interest in boys and cheerleading contradict with her masculine work of vampire slaying. What does this mean exactly? Because she does a "mans work" or slays vampires that means she should be ugly? Or shouldnt act like a girl? To me the point of it is to show the post-feminism idea that women can do the same work as a man? The majority of shows, whether they cast male or female, they will cast good looking characters because attractive people are the people that viewers want to see on tv. Buffy's "two identities" the girl and the slayer, defines feminism and femininity but does Buffy and the show seek to reclaim girl culture? I happen to agree with the third wave perspective; I believe. I don't see why just because a woman is a feminist or Buffy is a feminist that she cant be cute too? Her markers of femininity do not define the identity of the character. A shows man concern is about making money and getting good ratings to continue. If the show wants to address feminism they still need to do it with a character that will be appealing to the audience. If they picked, what the author says is a typical stereotype of a feminist I wouldnt believe many viewers would stick around very long.

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