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Although, I can't say I have really watched any of these shows the author writes about, I have seen small portions of a lot of the shows as I was growing up. But I thought there were a few interesting things in the article; the part that says, white working-class man as head-of-house, may be replaced by images of white working-class women and black working-class men. I guess mainly because I believe it to be true but I had never really noticed it. That tv is portraying everyone with house maids, and lots of money and both parents are doctors and lawyers. Do we think that this class inflation could lead to worsening issues or stereotypes? I also liked the quote from Roseanne about whether working class is simply about how much money you make and she goes on to call it a culture. I'm from a small town and I agreed with this a lot, it made me curious as to if others agreed with her? I feel like a large portion of people who have lived in larger cities there whole life where there is a lot of money they would just picture someone who is broke when they picture someone who is "working class".

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