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I would like to start by saying, yes, I am slightly confused. Yesterday it seemed like basically everything we view as an audience will have the male gaze. Even music videos with a man rapping or singing will have women all around him to construct the male gaze and hold viewers attention. The author talks about how every film needs a feminine and masculine role and how when audiences get to the theater they are already expecting that. Do people think this is accurate? Personally, this made me think about my own trips to the theater, and yes, I guess when I sit down to watch a movie I naturally assume the heterosexuality of both the male and female characters. I never stop to think, I wonder if this character is gay or transgender in real life or character? I have never watched a film where half way through a character turns out to be transgender, it would catch me off guard for sure. She goes on to say that even gay or lesbian actors portray straight people. Is the author saying that even in films with transgendered characters we still see them as heterosexuals (creating the male and female gaze) then later in the film, when we realize the character is transgender, something usually happens taking eyes off of the transgendered character?(Like dying) Films typically only have a transgendered gaze for a short period of time and only when this affect is brought through use of sympathy or empathy? Do we agree that we are very limited in what we will be able to see or what we expect to see when we go to the cinema?

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