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I was never a big fan of Buffy the Vampire. For some reason I found the show unrealistic because it was about a popular cheerleader type that would fight vampires and other demon like creatures. How could someone so delicate and feminine looking fight off demons? After reading this article, I understand now that this image of a very feminine woman fighting off demons (or overcoming other obstacles) was what Elena Levine describes as the image of a New Woman. According to Levine, the New Woman comes from Third Wave Feminism and post feminism ideas that has an emphasis on the female appearance and being a fierce woman while also having confidence issues.

I can see how these multiple messages from this TV show can influence girls and young women. In many ways, the TV shows messages remind me of the multiple pieces of advice a woman could hear about dating. People say you should be confident but not arrogant, be sexy but not slutty and relate to the man but not too emotional. Why are there so many guidelines woman need to follow in society? If woman are equal to men than why did the media need to create the image of the New Woman?

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