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In Julie Bettie's article, Class Dismissed, she discusses the role in which class plays in television sitcoms and how it is usually the normal scenario for the man of the house to be the breadwinner for the family and to more or less takeover all aspects of the way that their family functions, leaving the wife to be in charge of things such as cooking, cleaning and getting the children off to school, all in a somewhat perfect fashion. Bettie discusses how the show Roseanne was one of the first hit sitcoms to go against this idea of normalcy that captivated viewers before, really going against the odds.

Roseanne, the main character, is a loud, hardworking woman who tells it like it is to her family as well as those around her. She is really trying to make it on her own in supporting her family as best as she can without the help of a male figure in her life. Her kids sass her and she sasses them right back to put them in their place. Roseanne discusses in one of the provided interviews that she doesn't view class as something having to do with the dollar amount that you make but whether or not you are actually out there working full time, and that is what she believes it means to be a part of the working class in America.

Roseanne all in all defies what television series have instilled in our minds that the man is the breadwinner and head of household. She proves that women are equally as capable and qualified to do the job. This show also proved that a woman can have a leading role in a comedy while still driving in a large audience and being a hit show.

DQ: While reading this article, I began to think about what I personally thought the American dream was, and I immediately though about a 4 person family, husband, wife, son and daughter and the husband going off to work everyday holding a steady job to support his family. However, this article sheds light on the fact that this may not actually be the American dream for everyone. Wouldn't you argue that women are more of the general audience for 7PM sitcoms, furthermore there should be more shows that display powerful women making it for their family on their own, perhaps living their own American dream?

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