Discussion Question- Transgender Gaze

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In this article Judith Halberstam states: "The transgender film confronts powerfully the way that transgenderism is constituted as a paradox made up in equal parts of visibility and temporality: whenever the transgender character is seen to be transgendered, then he /she is both failing to pass and threatening to expose a rupture between the distinct temporal registers of past, present, and future." I thought this was interesting in relation to movies that do not expose the transgender as being transgendered until after they have fooled us into believing they are properly/normally gendered. Do you think there is something to say about the structure of movies and the transgender gaze and how we interpret them (i.e.films that do not reveal the characters transgender identity until later in the film)? Do you think the transgender gaze is accepted in today's society as a form of interpretation or do you think people still use the male/female gaze when analyzing transgender characters?

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