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In this article Thea Lim talked about the black freshman male she encountered who likes to date outside of his race. One of the reasons he stated for dating outside of his race was that dating outside of your race was a good way to end racisim. Lim obviously found his reasoning to be weak stating that people should "Date someone because you like them inside and out, not because a) you have a racial preference or b) you think that dating out will end racism when you have little beige babies." I think this example plays into Lim's overall theme for the article, which is that anti-racism will not fix racism. Lim even goes so far as to say that "The idea that interracial relationships are anti-racist, and having a mixed race family will fix racism is not only naive; it may even go hand in hand with racial fetish."
Do you agree with Thea Lim that by labeling interracial relationships as a form of anti-racism we are ineffectively attempting to put an end to racism? IS there a way to get around the idea of anti-racism in order to effectively address discrimination against interracial couples or is it inevitable? I would even go so far as to say that interracial relationships are not that big of an issue to people today, do you agree?

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