Discussion Question on "Class Dismissed?"

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Julie Bettie's main concern in the article "Class Dismissed?" is not only issues about representations of the working class in television sitcoms such as Roseanne,
but whether or not we associate different stereotypical representations of media with them and if that effects our view or interpretation of the media text as a whole. For example, she uses the quote from the fictional character Roseanne Conner, from Roseanne, "Well, they've been sayin' it for years, but now it's official. We're poor white trash," to strengthen that argument. Bettie even uses the example of The Cosby Show, and raises the question of whether or not the use of the Huxtable family to portray a middle-class black family affects our ability to view the show as a representation of class or as a representation of race. My question is, does it matter whether or not we interpret a media text as a representation of class, gender, or race? This article uses many quotes from the creator of the show to justify her intentions, Does it matter whether or not we interpret the text as the creator intended us to?

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