Discussion Questions on "Buffy and the 'New Girl Order'"

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In Elana Levine's "Buffy and the 'New Girl Order'", Levine talks about television's representation of the New Woman and how she is changed by feminism. Levine claims that these characters in television now have to find a way to balance their "newfound feminism and inherent femininity" in today's world. Levine goes on to talk about how these representations of the New Woman are created and received by audiences. The question is, do we agree with Levine? Do we agree with Levine's understanding of today's female characters in television as individuals who have to balance their femininity as well as feminism? If we do, what are the real world implications of this? How do we expect real women to balance their femininity and feminism? Is this something we should care or be concerned about? Why, or why not?

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