Discussion Questions on Rereading Sex and the City

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In Rebecca Brasfield's article "Rereading Sex and the City", Brasfield talks about the hegemonic feminist practices in the HBO television series "Sex and the City". Brasfield goes on to talk about how these hegemonic feminist practices are shown on the show through such issues as racism, ethnocentrism, class, and sexism. Brasfield states that "'Sex and the City' provides an excellent example of how hegemonic feminism looks, how it thinks, and what it does". Brasfield also goes on to ask the question: "are the views presented by 'Sex and the City' representative of a hegemonic discourse, or do these views represent socially constructed, apolitical perspectives?" So, which view is the show representative of? Also, do we agree with Brasfield? Do we agree with her statement that "Sex and the City" represents hegemonic feminism? If it does, is this something we should be concerned about? What are the affects of marginalizing certain groups as "Sex and the City" does? If hegemonic feminism practices are dominant on the show, which practices are being left out? Which groups are being marginalized? Should we be concerned about these marginalized groups? What do we think?

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