Discussion Questions on "What's Your Flava?"

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In Sarah Banet-Weiser's essay "What's Your Flava?", Weiser talks about how "postracism" and "postfeminism" are twofold subjects. Weiser states that it is her first goal in her essay to "explore how these two issues (of postracism and postfeminism) of contemporary America media function together as a productive kind of tension or ambivalence". Weiser's second goal of the essay is then to "examine how the contemporary definitions of postfeminism and postracial culture are framed around generational differences". Weiser uses the example of the television show "Dora the Explorer" to help ground her claims. The question is, do we agree with Weiser? Should we care about her message? Do we think that the media consumerism of postracism and postfeminism are good for our culture? Or do we think that these functions of media culture are negative? Should we be concerned with postracism and postfeminism media culture? What are your thoughts?

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