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Way to go, Ashley Judd! I'm so happy she wrote this. A lot of celebrities get very worked up over what is said about them, and I admire that she normally doesn't. I also admire that when she does decide to respond, it is done so very intelligently and eloquently.

What struck me as the most surprising was that the writers of those mean comments were overwhelmingly women. Q: How could we do that to each other knowing how hurtful it would sound if we were to hear it about ourselves? What would motivate women to do such a thing? But after thinking about it, I'm not that surprised because I know that women can be brutal to make themselves feel better, but why would they be this crazy?!

I guess I'm also wondering if it is worth it or admirable for a celebrity to respond to criticism in the media these days. Do you think their responses change anyone's mind or can take back the photos or mean comments? Can anyone think of how we would ever stop this perpetuating cycle of feminine criticism?

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