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Although I found this article to be a bit hard to follow based its fluidity this is what I could take way from it --

Berlant took examples from different media text and explained the situations in which they shed light on the topic of racial identity, and more specifically being "homogenized white". Which is described as white people who share a common background with no discernable distinction of diversity-- also known as the "New Face" of America.

The politics behind the topic of racial identity can be dizzying, throwing us into a circles of confusion. I think that this issue is better understood by the example in the article of the Michael Jackson video "Black or White". In this video national images are referenced and create its own narrative, straying away from the storyline that hints at racial conflicts of the contemporary U.S. The overall message of the video being, "Love transcendence of the violence of racism, locating itself in the stereotypes and forms of intelligibility that characterizes national cultures." The take away from this video is a powerful message, but is it powerful enough to go against the "New Face" of the nation. The theme of interracial acceptance is prevalent in both. However, in the music video the people represented seemed to retain their own national identities, which goes against the "New Face" of America's political policy.

[DQ] After reading this article and understanding further what the face of America means, I have to pose the question, "So what?" Is it really all that bad that we, as a nation, will eventually all become one, as in one nation under God... (You get the drift)? Or will losing our cultural identity due to quasi-amnesia destroy meaning behind being an American, where we currently take pride in being a melting pot of culture & diversity?

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