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As a girl growing up in the 1990's I can definitely relate to the theme of "girl power." It was in the movies I watched, like Mary Kate and Ashley and the music I listened to like the Spice Girls. As I was watching and listening to all these things that led to girl power, at a young age, I never made the connection that girl power had anything to do with feminism. I was too young to even know what that word was, yet I was still affected by its message.

According to the article, most of these movies, shows and songs I listened to involved girls or young women overcoming some kind of difficulties in a masculine way while still presenting themselves in a feminine way. From what I remember this messages gave me hope that I could overcome difficulties in my life while still looking feminine. The media was showing symbolically that women had overcome many obstacles of inequality since the 1970's but in actuality they have not. Women are still paid less than men and do not hold as many positions of authority. Why would the media sent a message that women are now equal to me? What kind of gain does society get from portraying women as equal to men?

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