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I really liked this article, I thought it brought up some good points. One is there's a big difference between saying that a woman can become President and a woman ACTUALLY being President. Just like when Obama became President, I had a discussion with my African-American Professor and how much big a victory it was for him to be reelected. Was it going to end racism? Of course not. But he said he could finally tell his children that they could one day be president and actually believe it. I think that the cause for equality for women is similar. Women have more freedom than previous years but that doesn't mean equality has been achieved, this very clear when reading some of the Statistics Douglas brings up in her essay. I think it's dangerous to say we're past Feminism now.

Another point I agree with is the section titled "The irony of it all." In my opinion, pretty much all reality shows are garbage that actually detract from the efforts of Feminism. A lot of people use the excuse that it's entertaining to watch the train wrecks on the different shows but by watching and making these types of shows popular you're giving power to that message. I think media literacy comes into play here too. By understanding what reality television is and being aware of the underlying messages of female degradation, you'll most likely come to the same conclusion that I did: Most reality television offers very little substance and corrupts the progress we've made so far. There are so many shows out there that offer significant substance and written intelligently, it's up to us to make the decision about what kind of values we truly hold.

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