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Susan Douglas' "Girls Gone Anti-Feminist" article was interesting because I never thought of feminism in this way. It is very ironic in the sense that we, America are all pushing feminism yet using more media to actually now portray more "anti feminism." Douglas makes a clear point by mentioning many different types of reality shows such as America's Next Top Model, Flavor of Love, My Super Sweet Sixteen and more. These kinds of shows spit in the face of the work of how much feminism was pushed till today. These reality shows seems to make it a joke of how a majority of women are only interested in their looks, have power due to their appearance, sex appeal and more. This more so also convinces the society, or at least the audience who watch these show of how these show portray that we females are "defined by our bodies." As media portrays this, perhaps it is just history repeating itself, and we are falling into the fall of how we females are only defined by our appearances. Thought not a major feminist myself, shows like these are a joke and I never in any way watch these shows in support. These shows should merely be taken as an entertainment purpose and not portray that all females are like these people and decrease these kinds of shows.

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