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I really appreciate this article, as well. It seems just as real and relatable for me as Levine's article. Similar to what I mentioned in my previous post, this article helped me realize why I could have such pro-female ideologies in the political sphere, but still be willing to watch hours of Say Yes to the Dress or Pretty Little Liars. I like Douglas's idea of Enlightened Sexism. She describes it as selling, "...the line that it is precisely through women's calculated deployment of their faces, bodies, attire, and sexuality that they gain and enjoy true power- power that is fun, that men will not resent, and indeed will embrace." Having someone say it out loud like this was a bit shocking, but helpful for me to realize. It's true, the media is telling us that it is through our appearance that we will gain power, and that men will "respect" us for how great we look and that this will only advance us more. I hadn't really been able to admit this to myself before this, but I'm glad I have.

This leads into my favorite aspect of this article: her discussion on feminist irony. Once again, this sections called out a certain revelation in me. I finally realize why I love watching all of those shows (dumb reality shows portraying young girls as really stupid and superficial)! Yes, I can usually relate to them on some level because they are about girls my age doing things I'm familiar with. But the fact that I claim that I would never do what they're doing and that I am so much smarter than them gives me satisfaction in watching these types of shows.

But I am left with a question: Why do I want to watch shows like this to prove that I'm better than other girls? Is this need a reflection of femininity or just a lack of confidence in my generation?

After reading Douglas's article, I will definitely try to be more self-monitoring when I turn on one of these shows or look at a female magazine. I need to try to understand what it is I enjoy about them so much and if it is healthy to keep up the habit.

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