Girls Gone Anti Feminist

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"According to enlightened sexism, women today have a choice between feminism and antifeminism, and they just naturally and happily choose the latter because, well, antifeminism has become cool, even hip."

Douglas explains that being a sex object, from a female's point of view, is liberating which is why we are seeing anti feminism (especially in the media) is growing more popular. This is specifically true in "reality" shows such as The Bachelor, The Hills and America's Next Top model, as Douglas mentions. These types of portrayals of women are entertaining to watch and surprisingly reach a large target of female viewers. It's almost a contradiction that women get upset with the way our gender is represented in society but are willing and wanting to watch television shows that do just this but to the extreme.

I have also noticed, since starting the feminism section in this course, that there are a surprisingly large amount of male leads in television/films versus female. I in fact enjoy many more shows that use a male lead, which is some could say is a way of demonstrating anti-feminism. Whether or not it is a legitimate argument, I just believe that males have more credibility as actors (specifically in crime or comedic shows) over women. I also think that the reason there are more male centered shows is because men are much more willing to watch t.v. that relates the most to them, while women are willing to watch both. I do take interest in "Girl Power" themes, but I also want to be connected to everyone (including my guy friends/dad/boyfriend/brother) by watching shows like Dexter, The Office, Breaking Bad and Workaholics.

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