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It was pretty interesting reading how these three movies portrayed transgender persons and how they gave access into the transgender gaze. I think it's important to realize that these movies are attempting to give the audience an inside look to a world that not many have experienced or even thought of and hopefully open their eyes to others' struggles. I also found it fascinating that in both Boys Don't Cry and The Crying Game that the directors of the movies didn't really understand their own transgender characters. It highlights the fact that it's such a rarely explored point of view and that it's a complex issue.

Also, I found it interesting how By Hook or by Crook took a different approach to depicting the transgender gaze. Instead of taking place in the straight world, the movie only focuses on the queer world and embraces its uniqueness. I think that this is important in constructing the transgender gaze because like the director Silas Howard said that when they didn't see any representation out there they "represent it for what it is -- something confusing and lovely."

I thought this showed the importance of media literacy as well. Especially when breaking down the movie Boys Don't Cry . If you don't understand the multi-dimensions of media literacy, you'd miss out on a lot of the implicit messages of the movie. Like when the author was describing when Brandon was about to be "outed" and the sanctuary in Lana's room and the representation of the bathroom. I think those all have to with actively understanding media.

One of my questions I had was what's the most effective way to represent something in the media that's underrepresented? Is it most effective to show the transgender gaze in a straight world like in Boys Don't Cry or The Crying Game? Or in a queer world like By Hook or by Crook? Or are both interpretations necessary?

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