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By Ashley Stopperan

In The Transgender Look, Halberstam expresses that:

"The exposure of a trans character whom the audience has already accepted as male or female, causes the audience to reorient themselves in relation to the film's past in order to read the film's present and prepare themselves for the film's future

Understanding what is being said here takes a couple more times of reading but I think this is something worth discussing. With transgender characters, like in Boys Don't Cry, do you think the way the film is set up helps the audience relate to the character or do you think it is a unique/ complicated process for one to interpret, like Halberstam says?

In other words, does creating a film revolved around the transgender gaze give the audience the perspective of the transgender, the public (a girlfriend for example) or neither because it is about understanding the film as a past, present future story?

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