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I agreed with many of Hall's points in "The Whites of Their Eyes" article. I especially liked his point about media's relation to racism. He says, "They [media] are also one place where these ideas [about race] are articulated, worked on, transformed, and elaborated (205)." After reading the articles in this class so far and just being an avid media consumer, I've come to realize that media is a place where ideas are tested and played with rather than a place that uniformly presents one message. And with the advancing technology and outlets for media I think that media we'll become even more wide open in the diverse messages it creates.

I also agreed that stereotypes are created and often strengthened in media too. His examples of the "slave-figure," "native," and "clown" are especially true.I agree that they've faded a bit but you can still see traces today. I'm interested in seeing how the movie "Django Unchained," which is about a slave's vengeance, tackles these stereotypes. And if the characters will resemble the primitivism aspects that Hall described.

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