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I'm not sure if I am understanding Hall's article correctly, but hopefully I am. I read it a few times and this is what I ultimately got, if anyone has anything to say about it, PLEASE COMMENT AND CORRECT ME! :-)

What Hall discusses in this article is, basically, how the media produces representations of our social world by using images and portrayals. He also got into ideologies. From what I got, there are some serious key factors when discussing ideologies. Hall defines "Ideology" as "a term to refer to those images, concepts and premises which provide the frameworks through which we represent, interpret, understand, and 'make sense' of some aspect of social existence." Hall continues with talking about how ideologies are not "separate concepts" but different "elements" joined together to form a chain of meanings. Then he goes on to talk about how individuals make ideological statements, but actual ideologies are not what we intend. We make these statements subconsciously because it was what we have grown to know. These are our "unquestioned assumptions" about things in the world, i.e. why it is the way it is. Next he talks about how different ideologies work in relation to how we identify certain "groups" of people. Hall also talks about how ideologies change. He points out that since it isn't one individuals thought that makes up an ideology, it is a "collective process." I found this read to be very confusing, it is kind of like when you are a kid, you wonder why the sky is blue. However, that can be proved by science. But when you're a kid, you just have no idea and you keep thinking about it. This paper just makes my head spin round and round about why I group certain people and things together, what form of media influenced my thoughts? Am I influencing a negative ideology that is being circulated throughout my peers subconsciously? Anyway, hopefully I'll have all my thoughts figured out by Monday!

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