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The Transgender Look was a very interesting article to read. Prior to this I can honestly say I have never really thought too much of the transgender gaze. One of the most interesting parts was when the author was talking about the movie "By Hook or By Crook". Not only did the movie take on the transgender gaze but it also showed it in the homosexual world. To me this was very interesting because first off there really are not that many movies produced in Hollywood that even are based in the homosexual world, let alone with a transgender gaze. One of the most memorable quotes from the article was when Halberstam was discussing the movie "Boys Don't Cry". She says, "The transgender gaze becomes difficult to track because it depends on complex relations in time and space between seeing and not seeing, appearing and disappearing, knowing and not knowing." At first I had to sit and think for a little bit about what she really meant by this. Then after I read it a few more times it became a little clearer to me, still a bit confusing, the transgender gaze is really a mix of both the male and female gazes yet completely depends on whose looking upon the gaze and how the actor/actress is depicting his/her character. Overall I can honestly say I enjoyed the article and it really made me sit back and think.

The entire article focuses on what I think are the three main transgender movies in cinema. Yet, personally I have never heard of any of these movies prior to this article, of course, they could be very popular. So I ask, Do you think there will ever be a major blockbuster that is written in the transgender gaze or do you think major film studios are afraid to go that direction? If you think that there will be in the near future, do you think it will take place in the heterosexual realm or the homosexual realm?

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