Blog Post #5 Alicia Key's and Unthinkable Interracial Dating

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Last weeks and this weeks discussions of racism has really made me take a second look at the way in which I view our society and the people in it. This week's article, "Alicia Keys and Unthinkable Interracial Dating" has enlightened me in the ways in which some media images perpetuates the ideologies of racism.

The author, Thea Lim, breaks down Alicia Keys' video "Unthinkable" to explain the negative ways in which she's portraying her people. The first thing pointed out is that fact that the black people in the video are shown to be prejudice through their extreme emotions against this interracial couple. However, history proves this to be an inaccurate portrayal of racism, more specifically in the 1950's flashback. In the1950's black people found it extremely difficult to live amongst the white communities due to the lack of acceptance and extreme racism found in the white communities towards the black community.

The second point she made is the misnomer that anyone who embraces interracial relations and dating is exempt from being racists. Yes, it does show willingness and acceptance between racial groups, but that doesn't mean that these individuals will never be completely anti-racist. She also mentions that dating people who you racially prefer can be difficult to discriminate the reasoning behind "only" dating a certain group of people, people should date because they like an individual inside and out, & not for the color of their skin or their cultural differences.

The third point that she made is that Alicia Keys and Drake, who wrote this song, are interracial themselves. To make a more of a statement Alicia Keys left out this element in the storyline. Had she included this in the plot perhaps there would have been more of an acceptance between both racial groups. Or there could have been more of inner turmoil included in the plot, showing years of struggle with social acceptance. Either way Alicia Keys is neglecting a part of who she is, and this is not what the video was meant to represent.

It seems to me that media images of interracial couples perpetuates only negative views. And while videos like this one try and give out a message of awareness towards the issues of rasism, the message is often lost due to the mixed views our society has on race and its culture.

DQ: Have personal or external views on race effected your personal relationships? Since we all know that racism will never disappear completely, how do you think it will evolve and to whom will it concern?

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