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In Laura mulvey's visual pleasure and narrative cinema it was interesting to see how she brings in the psychological aspects of pleasure and sex. When we think about cinema today, most usually it will always contain some form of sex or a romantic story. If there is one hot character, they most usually have a hot partner. She specifically writes about the focus on women as sexualized characters. I can see where she places the female character with the power, either it be that the man is the main character.Usually the man becomes the hero, or completes some form or mission all for the lady, or a lady character is the reason that everything goes bad. The female character has the power because she controls everything, unintentionally. For example, Ryan Gosling in the movie Drive takes up a crazy job for a female character he just met, is almost all the disney movies a man does something crazy and almost unrealistic just for a "princess" and so on. They are simply and object in the film the man must win or gain. Sometimes as a girl myself I find it had to believe that a guy would go so far for a simple girl, either it be fictional or non fictional. So as women are objectified they still hold power, because it is the mans number one desire (at least in most movies today)

DQ; Although women are so objectified of their sexual aspects and what they can "supply", yet I think the same goes for men, as men are puppies for men, we women are generally the same, we want their romance, their gentleman features, and classic tall dark and handsome features, in movies when we see females as the main character they also can drop everything in beat for men. Do we allow these movie plots somewhat control our societies views on relationships? and to what extent.

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