Mixed Race Mess

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In the Thea Lim's article "Mixed Race Mess: Alicia Keys and Unthinkable Interracial Dating", she explores a music video by Alicia Keys. The video is centered around a white male and a black female who are a couple. It portrays them in many situations over many years. I thought the music video and the article for several reasons. The first, as the author pointed out, is that black people are the ones that were upset with the interracial relationship. I personally have no problem with interracial relationships but it's pretty clear through this video that there are people out there who still do. Furthermore, it always seemed that white people had more of a problem with them in movies I've seen. It's very interesting to look at this from a different perspective. Next, Lim brings up the misconstrued idea that interracial relationships are in some way "ant-racist". I have never even thought about it and frankly it doesn't make sense. It is almost as if people believe that just because you are dating outside of your race, you are in some way protesting racism. I always thought of it as people not letting the beliefs of others phase them. They are with who they are with because they like them. They don't see color, only qualities. Finally the author mentions that Key's does not display here own ethnicity properly. She said that she doesn't think it is right for her to portray her family as solely black in her video when she really has a white mother. I really think Lim is overlooking the message in this video. Keys is simply acting. It's a story to help open people's eyes and I don't have any problem with the way she went about it. Overall I think it was a really interesting article. I have never seen this music video before and to be honest, I would have never thought about it so critically without reading the article.
Do you think in certain areas of the United states interracial marriages are thought of differently than in other areas? Also, are these thoughts common throughout the rest of the world?

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