Mulvey Article -- Transgender Gaze

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From what I understand, the term transgender gaze is a blur between the lines of gender and the biological sex of an individual. This article confusingly explained three examples from movies that contained transgender themes. Each example contained the struggle for normalcy, passing as the desired gender, and elements of escaping one's past to create a more promising future.

The theme of passing gave me a more of a clue as to how the transgender gaze work.
Passing is describe as masking who you really by striving to become someone who is perceived to be more desirable. The transgender gaze works through passing. Such as the characters in the movies passed as the opposite gender. The more these characters interact in the movie the more real they become.

The transgender gaze and the male gaze to me are completely opposite sides of the spectrum. The male gaze only looks at women for sexual pleasure, where as the transgender gaze looks at the opposite sex for approval through passing. Yes the transgender gaze does contain elements of sexuality, but it is not sexualized. Unlike the male gaze looks at the attractive parts of a woman and objectifies them.

I believe the reason why we are taking a look at both transgender gaze and male gaze is to realize that the way we are shown messages in media affect the way we interact with people and view them. [DQ] Which makes me wonder, who is promoting male or transgender gaze, society views or the media?

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