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By Ashley Stopperan

Mulvey's main argument in "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" is that Hollywood narrative films use women in order to provide a pleasurable visual experience for men. She brings up many accurate points that I do agree with. Such as, the fact that the woman is always the "reifying" gaze, not the bearer of it is true for many classical films I have seen and studied. I think the main reason for this is because it is easier for the audience to relate to a scene where the female is more vulnerable than the male, simply because of traditional standards.

Mulvey's point of views on the cinematic gaze also remind me of other areas that we studied in class such as the working class. Females are depicted as the stay at home mothers in many shows and films, while the male handles the finances. The wives are always desirable to men when they come home from work. I understand exactly how Mulvey describes women because females, even today, are still represented as good looking and skinny. (Also relating to our other discussions in class about the ethics of pornography).

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