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This topic is something that I see in every day life. It can be very evident to see that a woman's appearance is a high priority when it comes to "rating" her. This might be someone you just pass on the street, have an interview with, or even someone you haven't seen in a little while. The woman's appearance is very critical and is judged very harshly. I think that Ashley Judd was very bold to come out and talk about the events that occurred. As she stated, before she would just let all the comments and articles go, but this time was different. It finally got to her and stung like never before. Someone's reputation is so valuable and held very highly to that person. It is hard to watch something like the fact they look a little older, or they gained a few pounds to get in the way of really seeing who that woman is.
I got the same vibe from the interview with Newsom. She wanted to try and portray women more accurately in media because so far it was far from what the real world was like. We get these images in our heads of the "perfect" person and what a woman should look like that when they don't meet those expectations something must be wrong. Everyone has something to bring to the table, so it shouldn't have to be based on appearance. Making up stories will not get anyone anywhere either. It just makes a larger media web of lies.

Why is our society so infatuated with beauty? Is it because it is what sells? Being under the media's eye constantly would be very stressful feeling like you always have to look your best and be in the best shape. How would you feel if that was your life? Would you shrug it off and not care what they say, or would you address the issues to keep a good name for yourself?

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