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I found the interview with Jennifer Newsome to be thought provoking. Although at times she rambled on for a bit to long, overall I thought she seemed like a good spokesperson for Miss Representation and the advocate for women's voice. I like that she encouraged the ambition aspect of the talk instead of simple putting down us, women, for not being a larger percentage in the political world.

At times I thought Newsome was unfair with her accusations. For example, she says that the only things being promoted through media is sex and violence. While I agree that both of those are the large majority of media, they are not simply the only things being projected. Another seemingly harsh moment was the discussion over the term self objectification. The term is referring to present day women overly focused on ourselves and because of that we are taking away our ability to participate in leader/power roles. Again, I see where she is coming from I just do not agree that it is only in todays media; and that because of this supposed narcissistic behavior women do not hold powerful positions in the United States.

Discussion Question:

Newsome takes a stance as a consumer and encourages all consumers to support that we as a society should only encourage so called "good" media and advertisement, and that no longer should our society allow any sort of "bad" media (i.e. beauty product advertisements).
Do you think it might be a bit hypocritical for Jennifer Newsome to be arguing against the "bad" media when as an actress she took part in creating such media?

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