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I found Rosalind Gill's article easy to relate to and interesting. I agree with her argument that post feminism's main focus is the female body. In my life, examples of this are various clothing and makeup advertisements directed towards women and TV shows and movies that portray the "ideal" woman. In her article, she describes the show What Not to Wear as an example of a TV show that critiques a woman's body and wardrobe. When I lived at home and TV was more readily available, I would watch this show constantly. I related to the women on the show getting a new makeup and wished I were one of them. I never realized that this show had a hidden message of even if you are considered an ordinary or average woman, you still can change and be closer to the "ideal" through a makeover.

After this makeover, a woman is seen as attractive, successful, confident and happier. How does beauty lead to success and not hard work? Why does society want us to think this way? Why can't a ordinary or average woman be successful?

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