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I definitely agree that our culture's obsession with sex has hurt women. They have progressed for seen as objects through the male gaze, but they still are reduced to that realm because it "suits their best interests." I think that's magnified in the show "Sex and the City" which we read about. Shows like that make it seem so important to look as sexy as possible all the time. It leaves no room for reality and definitely has negative effects. I couldn't believe that there are shirts like the ones mentioned in the article being advertised to girls. That's pretty crazy. And I know it's up to the parents but the fact that things like that are being made with young girls in mind is pretty disturbing.

Also, when reading about media's relation to sexualization and objectification of women, I think of TV and movies but I forget about magazines' role. Almost every fashion magazine picks apart women. They leave women no room for error, they create this standard of perfection when to be human is really to be flawed. It's so overwhelming, it feels like we'll never get to a point where sexual objectification will not happen. The only way in my mind is if there's a conscious effort by the people. But that will only happen if everyone reads articles like this and thinks objectively about the media around them.

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