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Sometime we as a society give off the wrong messages. It all ties into the encode/ decode concept in media and seeing how we "perceive the message." Thea Lim in the Mixed Race Mess article criticizes that perhaps Alicia Keys doesn't realize how far our country has come along and just took a step back in developing it. Since interracial relationships (somewhat) been a more accepted custom and become a little common than usual, for Alicia Keys to go and make a music video like that makes her seem unaware of this development. This makes me think about how we view racism today. What I mean is we try to look for racism when it sometimes even not there, or at lest trying to prove it wrong (Alicia keys in this music video in this case.) If there is no issue to begin with, we the audience go looking for one and create one in our heads because we are so used to it. For example a show with a full white cast, people complain about why there are no colored actors, and a show with one colored cast, that specific character may have some negative features, that we complain about and point our fingers to racism. Even if it is obviously not there, people assume racism is still scapegoated. Do you think there will ever come a time when a usually racism bound group is no longer pointed their finger towards? When will there be a time when having a full white cast is okay, with everyone?

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