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To me, this article raised a lot of interesting points. I had not thought about this topic in this specific way before, so it was cool to apply her points to popular shows and film. She states how many people think women are doing just fine, that we should not be complaining because we have finally made it. While I know that that is not entirely true, I never took the time to really think about it. With the examples she gives such as the pay rate for women, I began to realize that we have a skewed idea of how women are actually doing. I think it is a touchy subject because it hones in on one side and one side only, but I do think it is important to talk about. Like when she talks about the enlightened sexism and how the media plays a large role in that, it really made more sense. The media wants us to believe that now that we have won, we can rest and go back to embracing the "girlyness". I think the issues that women face are very striking and should be addressed, but I also think that the men are sometimes left in the dust. Yes, as a woman I am appalled by some of the things woman are being portrayed as, or how some things are marketed, but men also have their own issues and I think we shouldn't lose sight of that. With that being said, I do agree with Douglas when she says people like the different shows for irony. Being ironic makes it interesting, and because it allows the viewer to be the judge and and even mock it. Having that power I think is something that women want, so they buy into it. Even with just that it is not hard to see that the media is not a direct mirror of our society, but rather of a distorted view. They will make it for the audience with the hope of support and sales. Interesting how it can all tie into our capitalistic society.

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