The Face of America

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This article was pretty confusing but I thought it made some pretty good points. In "The Face of America and The State of Emergency", the author, Lauren Berlant, informs us that is her opinion that the non-white and "people who do not fit into social norms" are not being treated right in America. She goes on to say that people who criticize people on welfare should look more closely at their situation. Berlant says that in many cases these people work in terrible conditions for little pay and benefits. She also has the opinion that organizations like F.A.I.R. are masking a class war in the United States. These things are all interesting but I think her main argument is that the women in America are being objectified. Her example of this comes from an article in Time Magazine. It creates an imaginary citizen or "woman" says that this person is a nameless, computer-generated heterosexual immigrant, and the figure of a future core national population." I have never read the article so I don't really understand this statement or how it can be labeled a woman. It seems that she believes that women are being objectified today. I can see where she is coming from. They are used to promote products and pose for pictures because of their good looks. I'm not sure if this was what she was trying to say because her style of writing was really confusing, but thats what I got from it.

Feminism has gone a long way in the last 50 years. Is it possible for the ideals of Feminism could be fully embraced in American culture within the next 20 years?

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