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In today's society I am not naive to think that racism does not exist anymore but I was only aware of the overt type of racism. Overt racism is when a person is openly negative towards Black men and women. The media clearly can not show this type of racism but instead shows "liberal and humane ideas about 'good relations' between the races, based on open-mindedness and tolerance"... Instead the media shows inferential racism which involve situations that are presented as fictional or factual that have racist premises and assumptions.

In the article, "The Whites of Their Eyes", by Stuart Hall there are several examples of depictions of Black men and women that originate from racist premises. These depictions include the slave figure, the native or the entertainer. I want to explain the native depiction in more dept. As a native, Black men and women are portrayed as primitive and in need of civilization. An example of the native image in today's society is the way black artists are photographed in magazines and even on their album covers. Many of these artists are photographed without their shirts on, in animal print or even in cages. Before reading this article, I did not even realize just how many racist messages there are in the media.

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