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The beginning part of this article seemed a little confusing to me, but as I read on the concept became more clear. I think Stuart Hall did a good job in explaining what he meant and using examples to back it up. The first statement that really intrigued me was when he talked about how ideologies tend to disappear from view and become more of a naturalized state. I had never thought about it this way, but I agree that race is already a natural, given thing, so racism is the next step in that naturalization. It has become a "take-for-granted" ideology. Even different shows that try to address the issue of race, might be sending unintentional messages that go against the purpose of the show. The issue of race is something that many people view as something so naturalized that they don't even question it anymore. They just assume that it is going to be apart of the culture and media that it doesn't strike offense like it so often should. The whole basis of the article I think was saying that we need to be better prepared. Racism is a real issue and with media being a large outlet for racist material, we need to evaluate how to combat the issue. It is a fine line to cross, and people usually would rather stay within their comfort zones, but things need to change. People need to know that it is not/should not be a naturalized thing.

How do we change that? Is there a certain class we should aim towards to first see this is not okay and to spread the news to others? Do we sit back and allow the television producers to finally figure it out, or do we just let them continue to use updated versions of the base images Hall talked about? We saw how class can be a large part of a TV show, do we think sometime down the road race will not have to play such a large role?

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