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Before I read this I was confused on what exactly it was going to be about but then I instantly got interested when the article brought up the transgender look in movies I've seen before. One of the movies I am very familiar is Boys Don't Cry. I've seen this movie a few times and what really struck my attention is how I view it now after this article. It was said that in the movie they show her as a very masculine character to give us this representation of the male gaze but at the end of the movie for some reason he changes it to feminine and give us a female gaze which then changed the whole view of the character, at least for me. I feel like the director felt he needed to do this, because the transgendered character is not portrayed in to many movies. Which leads to my DQ...

Should there be more movies with transgendered characters? I truly feel there should be but I cannot personally think of to many movies with transgendered characters. Do you know of any?

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