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I found this article to be very unique. Although I have seen movies and television shows that impersonate cross-dressers, I realized after reading this article that I have seen very little shows and movies that deal directly with transgendered people. I thought Halberstam did a good job of using 3 films that center around issues involving the "transgender gaze", to illustrate the role it plays in media. I thought Halberstam's analyzation of "Boys Don't Cry" was very effective. I especially found it effective when she used it to touch on some of Mulvey's points about the male and female gaze. Halberstam discussed how the film "Boys Don't Cry," reveals the ideological content of the male and female gazes, and allows the audience to look at and examine the homo/hetero binary in cinema and the male/female binary in cinema.
Halberstam also effectively brought up Mulvey's arguments of "lack" by discussing the movie "Boys Don't Cry" and how it exemplifies the main character Brandon's "lack" as a transgender. I thought it was interesting when she said "The transgender gaze becomes difficult to track because it depends on complex relations in time and space between seeing and not seeing, appearing and disappearing, knowing and not knowing." That statement made sense to me because in many movies involving a transgender character, the character is often portrayed at first as being normal or as Halberstam stated "properly" gendered, often leaving the viewer confused and shocked when the characters transgendered identity is revealed. We have to think back to the film's beginning and look for signs that the character is transgendered and then reanalyze the film entirely.

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