Transgender Gaze DQ

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Judith Halberstam uses many examples of mainstream media and how they portray transgender. She uses The Crying Game and how the transgender character, Dil, is used to distract from the political aspect between Ireland and England. This is slightly reminiscent to Laura Mulvey's article and how she was referring to how the female is displayed in the media: as a supporting character. Halberstam references Mulvey's views in her own article as well. Halberstam points out that in The Crying Game, one of the characters, Fergus is punished not for deceiving Dil but for his troubles with the IRA. She also points out that Dil is to be punished for not telling Fergus about her male genitalia rather than Fergus being punished for not telling Dil about her ex-lover.

Do you think this is an accurate example of Halberstam's point of the Transgender view?

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