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I personally believe that Judith Halberstam's article "The Transgender Look" was one of the more confusing articles we have had to read for class thus far. It relates to how people people perceive the body images presented by Hollywood. It also looks at the inflexibility of transgender characters. In this article, Halberstam looks at two movies. They are "Boys Don't Cry" and "The Crying Games". The author states that in these movies the transgender character was able to remain attractive, much to the audiences surprise. I thought the article became a little more interesting towards the end. In one paragraph, Halberstam states; "What would a transgender film look like if it did not punish the transgender subject for his or her inflexibilities and for failing to deliver the fantasy of fluidity that cinematic audiences desire?" This was a little confusing but I perceive this as meaning that people in transgender roles do not necessarily know what the other gender could be thinking. They may be coached by the opposite gender but they will really never know. I really don't have any sort of experience with this subject though, so I could have interpreted this wrongly.

Do you believe that people in transgender roles lack the flexibility that Halberstam refers to? Can you think of any examples that might negate this claim?

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