"Transgendered Look" Discussion Questions.

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-Can you think of any specific movies that you've seen that have included/used a transgendered gaze? I certainly could not think of an example of that.

-Can the transgendered view only be seen when contrasted with the traditional male gaze in the same movie?

-Is there any way to film or produce a film that does not take a gaze or is not at either extreme end: male or transgendered?

-Can we only take the transgendered gaze as being victim to the male gaze?

-Will trans people in film always have to be shown as victimized by the male gaze? To take the transgendered gaze, do we have to see a trans person as being the victim of the film?

-In trying so hard not to stand out, are trans people/is the trans gaze only highlighting the trans culture/community as different even more?

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