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Becker stated that accepting GLBT had become a trend in the 90s along with tackling racism, sexism, and class. She mentions that Slumpies were taking on a more "Politically Correct" way of life, meaning (as I understood it), they were using terms and leading a life that would not subject anyone (or anything) to feeling inferior. According to Becker's article, it seems the issues she focuses on, or at least how people at the time approached these issues, seemed like a trend.

Merriam-Webster online dictionary states that a "trend" is "b. a general movement, c. a current style or preference." This means trends are short-lived and only last in the moment that it is popular thus it quickly becomes outdated. Yet, I see that this "trend" is on-going, does this justify that what Becker mentions is a "trend" of the 90's is in fact not a trend after all?

At least in my opinion, we will always have things because it exists or at least what it is directly dependent on exists. What I mean is that racism will always exist (despite attempts people may make to say that America has successful "triumphed" racism) because there is race, just as there will always be sexism because different sexes exist. It is just something we cannot escape.

How then can Becker say that wanting to triumph over racism, sexism, or even classism be a trend? How can leaning towards allowing gay-rights a trend? If you were to ask me, I would say that it is in fact not a trend because it is always a part of our lives. Furthermore, Becker mentions that this trend was so significant that television shows were hopping on the bandwagon to somehow incorporate gay culture in their networks; i.e.. television shows like Will and Grace, the Timberland ad Becker mentioned, and etc.

So, do we still see these things happening today? Or is it just another quick resurgence of a trend that television shows like Glee and voting "NO" for the marriage amendment during the 2012 elections are occurring and gaining popularity? What does this say about us as a society? As a country/Americans? Will this lead into another era of "Slumpies' trends" or will it become a norm/classic?

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