11/26 Decoding Advertising DQ

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In this article Williamson talks, along the lines of Roland Barthes, about the relationship between people and values, saying that advertising acts as an intermediate system that makes values from different aspects of our lives and the product being advertised, interchangeable. She also discusses the idea that advertisements try to make people buy into them by making them feel as though they do not have happiness without the product or service be advertised. As I read this part of the article I couldn't help but to agree, because the vast majority of advertisements both in the past and today, aim to win viewers over by making them feel as though they will not be completely satisfied with themselves, if they do not have this product.With all of the hundreds of advertisements that I see on a daily basis, I rarely come across one that really resonates with me and persuades me. I attribute this to the fact that I am so heavily bombarded with advertisements. Do you think advertisements are generally effective for most people or do you think that people are generally immune to establishing a real connection with them?

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