11/26 Judith Williamson: Discussion Question

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As Judith Williamson states, "Advertisements are one of the most important cultural factors moulding and reflecting our life today. They are ubiquitous, an inevitable part of everyone's lives: even if you do not read a newspaper of watch television, the images posted over our urban surroundings are inescapable." I completely agree with this statement, and I believe advertising truly does have an immense influence upon many different individuals. It was also interesting to hear Williamson's point Williamson regarding to how advertisements make certain properties mean something to us. For example, if you own a Toyota Prius, not only is it fuel efficient, but also a person is viewed as being green and/or eco-friendly. When it comes to advertisements whether they are for vehicles, make-up, or simply promoting beer, do you believe viewers put much thought as to what the meaning behind the advertisement is? Why or why not? Do you look at advertisements prior to making a purchase, and believe it is reliable enough? As an individual, which advertisements do you find most effective? (Radio, TV, print, billboards, etc). Why do you think one is more effective than the other?

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