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I have not yet had the chance to watch "The L Word" or "Six Feet Under" but from what I've heard of them from friends, and from this article, I hope to get the chance soon.

This article made me think about what "queer TV" I have seen. I can't say I've seen much. The only show I can think of that has a main character who is gay is "Will and Grace". It is one of my favorites. I think it definitely used homosexuals for profits though. The character of Jack is one of the gayest characters on television. Surely his ridiculous amounts of flamboyance upped the ratings a bit and did good things for the network.

I have had this question in my mind for a long time: will gay TV ever be the norm? By "gay TV" I mean television shows featuring gay characters as main characters, or not main characters. Today it is still a big deal to have a TV show with anyone gay in it. Will there eventually be a sitcom starring two gay characters that people will enjoy watching NOT because the characters are gay? Will audiences/producers/etc eventually stop giving it a second thought?

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